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Drinkers, Thinkers, Outright Stinkers

The Poetic Fumblings of a Lockdown Layabout

This is my first collection of free verse, rhyme, anecdote, and epitaph. A right gob full. It has become a memoir of sorts composed of what I would best describe as poetic fumblings. With a backdrop of The Black Country and Brummagem, these are recollections and short glimpses into my world and the many strange chords that have been struck and have stuck.

Though not simply a poetic list of loved ones and pivotal events, many such folk and things are indeed mentioned, and I have therefore attempted some sort of chronological order. A serious bit of fun.

I hope you enjoy meeting some of the wonderfully outlandish characters that have passed through my life, together with a few equally memorable bastards.

Available in hardback £15.99, paperback £8.99, Kindle £2.99
Amazon Reviews

Just started reading. Hooked. The author has brilliantly, in his flow, captured images that mean something to this young man of 53 whose childhood memories just intrude on occasion. Inspirational.

Poems and jottings in Black country memories. No punches pulled about characters in the memory of a boy who witnessed the basics of growing up in the community of scoundrels.

Outdid all expectations, great nuggets of well written prose, perfectly descriptive, funny, sad and always thought provoking, from being drunk up a crane, stealing onions from the pantry or the love of family, it's A book for numerous visits. Great stuff.
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